aniera and i had been working on mathematics like ages ! serious, aku dah baik ohh sekarang -,- she even go to my place just to study and my tution class like 3 times a week instead of once a week. gila
ok, now i felt down, act i had this lil misuderstanding with my best friend. that is Her. Her really driving me crazy. last Sturday i had texted her and we had a fight. i thought it will end there but it's not. i now realize that Her is really dont want to be near me . i dont know. it not just me said that way even people do notice it sometimes. and Her dont even wave at me when we meet sometimes. she said that we are going to be BEST FRIEND FOREVER. forever is a strong word. do she really mean it ? i dont know, i guess i have to find a new best friend since Her walked away. because she already have a new best friend i guess. ;( last time she said that she will NEVER EVER leave me, but she do leave me. it's okay anyway, i am used to it .
p/s :peace mates, i just score myself a pink wool furr cardigan by voirjeans, a plain tees from goggles and a pink stripes snowcap yesterday. last week i bought 3 diffrent color cardigans and plain tees which is topshop and mng and an icedesign jumpsuit. i felt gourgoues baby ;) btw, my sister is home because for the h1n1 whateverthingyinhercampus and she's in the house. seriously how unlucky i am.

xo, jo.

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