You Just Make A Cup Of Coffee without Sugar

what have you done , girl ? you will stay with your arrogant, live with your tee's and stand by your two feet. but dont you know you are missing something. well, all i can say is GOOD LUCK. you should done it well in hurting people. seriously , what makes you do that ? wow, although it's not me, but seriously i just felt deep hurt . i hope you will fine something that can lives with you. so, so long girl. Live with your life well. i hate you. and i will continue hating people like you because you will never realize what is your mistakes. huh, lets just hope you will find someone can be with you okay. and finally, she had realize what you've done to her.

p/s : your life just fill with arrogant. seriously, ada jugak manusia macam engkau kan dalam dunia ni ? btw, HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY for alin and hafizal. sorry tak dpt text that nite as i was so run out of credit . ;p

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