selamat hari raya yeahhh. first day raya we just went to our grandparent, ( my father side) at kuala lumpur along with my uncle and cousins. we head up to banting to visit the old folks. i wore the purple saree baju kurung whick look alike like my sister,bazilah. so all the people said that bazilah is me and me is bazilah because they thought i would were pink instead of purple. bla blabla. my uncle had a deal with me and he said that he would give me rm50 for 1a. yeayyy, sho me my money. :DD bazilah get so jealous because she didnt get it when last year she did managed so score 7a 1b. soorryy :)
afi Q get so handsome with his green bluish baju melayu and i never thought that was my brother. HA-HA!
so the next day we went back to johore to visit my grandma on my mother side. at first my mum refused to. but we did went there. weeeeee, what a suprise everyone was there too. so the house had been renovated to a larger area which is sssssoooo beautiful yeah. i never expected my nyayiee having a high tasted things. heheh. bla bla bla. nearly all the people there said i am getting fatter because it OBVIOUSLY showed. haha. and they said it's very beautiful me now. awwwww, BLUSHHHH :O0.

selamat hari raya , maaf zahir batin yeahh :)


anis said...

banting?? hey my kg is at banting!!!
haha...selamat hari raya JO!!!
maaf zahir dan batin ;D

jo said...

yeahh you too cha :)

RakBaju said...

hai there!

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