Such A loser!

well, i dont care if you notice this blog or not because you are going to ask me at school later but hey seriously GIRL, why are you bother try to copy my style all my words, my doing and all my stuff? people tell me that you are so naive and blurr but seriously you are getting my nerve. Annira told me about you so do haneem and fifah and also some bunch of girls. i thought you we're just a nerdy old school girl but you are totally not. trying to befriend wih me so you could take it all away, NOT SO FAST little girl. my boyfriend said that you once try to seduce him with you cute little act, well HELLOOOOO?! who is your boyfriend now, well YOU DONT HAVE ONE! my boyfriend also said that you once or even many times try to steal some other girls boyfriend EEWWW! do you even try to do that ? that was so disgusting.

you were just a little girl which didnt know who is the big girl, yet.